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How to Make Money Playing PUBG Game?

How to Make Money Playing PUBG Game?
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Earn Money with PUBG Game:

Hello Friends, We all are aware of the PUBG(Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds)– Mobile & PC Game which is the most popular game till date, dominating the market with Zero(0) marketing cost.

We can install the PUBG Game App in our smartphones the same way as Whatsapp. You would be surprised to know that, There are a lot of Restaurants designed in India itself with the PUBG Theme.

And If You’re a PUBG User, There’s a piece of good news for you. Now Users can earn money with PUBG– All You have to do is just Play, Yes You read it right. If You are a Novice, Click here to learn more about the PUBG Game Tips & Tricks.

How To Make Money with PUBG?

So, If You’re still reading this post, I’m sure You also want to earn some money while playing PUBG.

PUBG- A Paid Game App which is available for both Smartphones as well as Computers. But if you want to play in a smartphone, you can download it for free.

Officially PUBG is not an Earning Mobile Game App, but you don’t need to worry. We bring you few ways to earn good money while you play & enjoy. And yes, In this way You can Convert your Gaming Passion to A Profession.

Here are a few Popular ways User can earn:

  1. PUBG Tournament

Amazed by the Popularity of this game, Developers and Internet Influencers together have created Tournament of Mobile & Computer Players, where Thousands of Players connect with each other, Put Money and Play Game. It is developed just like a Common Tournament.

To Participate in the tournament, Users have to first pay an Entry fee and Register themselves to start Tournament.

Here, Users are paid on ‘Per Kill’ basis and Mega Prize is also awarded to the winner of the Game. Check the below snippet.

PUBG Tournament

You can find detailed information of the 5 PUBG Online Tournament in this snapshot, out of which Participating in the First one leads you to win Mega Prize and ‘Per Kill’ basis pay out on the rest 4. Suppose, If You take part by paying an entry fee of Rs. 20, and you’re paid Rs.15 for every Kill. In this way, if You Kill 10 people You earned Rs.150. Isn’t this exciting?


  1. PUBG YouTube:

YouTube is a platform which enables people to transform their Passion into a Profession. Today, We have plenty of examples who became Popular and Financially Better just because of YouTube, one of its kind is Bhuvan Bam. In Gaming, Carryminati is very popular.

By the way, You may find videos on various categories on YouTube, but YouTube Community gives high importance to videos of few categories and one of them is GAMING. And this increases your chance of Earning More.

You can better understand the Importance of GAMING, YouTube has created a separate platform for this, where there are only Gaming Channels. So If you play PUBG game, It’s a Golden Opportunity for you to Create a Channel and Earn more.

PUBG YouTube

Here’s how you can do it:

You can record your LIVE Game while you play on your Smartphone or Computer, upload that video on YouTube and in turn YouTube Pays you Good Money. If You’re wondering How You can Create a Gaming Channel on YouTube- Click Here!

Pros & Cons of Earning Money while Playing PUBG :


Sometimes when we come into a huff and do some such work, it is very harmful to us. So before starting any work, we should think for 5 minutes about its process and the result.

Yes! It is 100% sure that you can earn money by using both of these methods from PUBG Mobile or Computer. But to Caution you, there are a lot of frauds along with some good tournament, which will take entry fee from you but will not reward you.

So, If you’re participating in any Tournament, Read Terms & Conditions, User Review thoroughly and check payment details so that you’re sure it is genuine. If you want to earn without paying a single penny then YouTube For Gaming is the Best Option to go for.

Here, the user doesn’t need to pay any entry fee, but yes Hard work is something one can’t avoid to get maximum views & Subscribers on his channel and early Google Adsense account approval.

Both the platforms have their Pros & Cons- If You want to earn with Tournament, You’ll start earning with a very small investment, but at the same time it’s risky.

And Along with this if You Upload videos on YouTube then it’s completely Risk-free, but earning will not start immediately.

Friends, If You are passionate about Gaming, then you can use any of the techniques to earn from PUBG. You’ll have Earning for sure but If you want to earn money for long-term in Gaming. You should work on both. If you have any question or suggestion on this topic, please comment.

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